How to run the Summer Festival Marathon

Thank goodness for festivals. It's where we can gather with our like-minded tribe, listen to awesome jams all while being outside enjoying beautiful (and sometimes HOT) summer weather. Here are a few tips to keep it cool on the inside and cross the finish line in one piece. 

Drink a boat-load of water

Hydration is key friends and you should be drinking one-to-one with those tasty craft beers. Alcohol isn't the best thing to drink in the hot sun for 8 hours straight, 3 days in a row, followed by late-nights of the same. Be sure you drink a water every other drink, it'll keep you moving and grooving and feeing fine the next day. 

Wear a hat

Keeping your peepers shaded will provide shade and keep you cooler. Plus you're skin will thank you! 

Take breaks

Every few hours sit down and relax a bit. Your body needs to have these little naps in order to dance on through the night. 

Recognize the signs of dehydration

Are you dizzy? Mouth dryer than normal and vision blurry? OK you may have enjoyed one too many sweet tea and vodkas, but you might very well be experiencing dehydration. This can sideline you for the rest of the party and who wants that?  Keep the water flowing and remember that key ratio of 1:1 per party drinks. 

Now go out and ENJOY.