The Super-Cool Benefits of Being a Water Drinker

Yes, we all know that we are supposed to consume like 9 glasses of water a day. It's all over the news and the blogs and yes, all the chic people do it. But really, what are the benefits? We always hear how your skin looks better and you aren't as hungry because your belly is full of water. We learn that you will have more energy...all if you drink a lot of water. 

OK, fair enough. But the no-so-obvious benefits are far more interesting. Lets take a look. 

Amp up Productivity 

 A glass of water does wonders to help a person get and stay focused, concentrate and be refreshed and alert. 

Fight Off Fatigue

Is coffee your go-too for a pick-me-up? Well try a bottle of water instead because when you're hydrated you are less likely to be tired. 

Pain Management

Water goes a long way to soothe aching joints and muscle cramps. These are often signs of dehydration. 

Kidney Works

The kidneys filter 200 quarts of blood daily sifting out waste and doing their thing. But they need plenty of water to keep things running smoothly. 

Look At The Big Brain

Scientists suggest that water helps feed our brain and enable neurons to connect. It also helps keep the brain from overheating. Drinking water can optimize your brain power! 

The moral of the story?  Drink up, beautiful.