Trails and Tales

We received word from one of our testers that Beautiful Water perfectly quenched her thirst after a long trail run. And this made us proud, because sometimes you need to hear from others what you already know to be true. Validation. 

She also explained that on this run she met and chatted with a fellow runner about drinking bottled water. He had a plastic sports bottle that he ran with and asked why she didn't hydrate on the run. When she explained that her water was in her car on ice for when she finished, he looked surprised and a little envious. Once at the trail parking lot, she shared a bottle with this new runner friend. 

Never had anyone shared their water with him before and he was super grateful. And surprised at how clean and silky Beautiful Water tasted. More validation and another tester to boot. 

Open your heart and share, be it water or food or time to converse, you won't be sorry. 

Happy trails!